Tell colleagues and earn a referral fee

Desuto was built on recommendations. Existing users who realized the value of the tools in saving time and improving standards of record keeping were keen to spread the word to colleagues and associates. Users of our prototype system 'ehealthtracker' reached over 2000 individuals and 220 organisations mostly by word of mouth.

We have therefore established a referral reward system to make payments to any individual or organisation that refers others who sign up for a paid account. This will help us to expand our customer base and reward faithful users who recommend the tools to others.

The reward for referring a new subscriber is 10% of the value of the subscription at the point the new subscriber pays for their subscription plan.

Our minimum subscription from May 2017 is £240 annually. Referring a single care home at this price would result in a one off payment of £24 payable at the start of the subscription. The amounts for larger organisations could be significantly more.

More information on the referral system can be found by clicking on the new ‘referrals’ link on the user dashboard once signed in to your account or from the home page. If you are one of our many regular users, why not tell your colleagues about the benefits of using desuto?