Liberty Protection Safeguards to Replace DoLS

Changes Ahead

We expect by now that you will be aware that the government plans to replace DoLS with a new scheme which is likely to be called the Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS).

The legal process to achieve this requires the government to produce a draft bill which they have now done.

The draft bill has been debated in the House of Lords and is now at their committee stage.

It is likely that before Christmas the bill will finish in the Lords and will then pass to the House of Commons to go through a similar process again before becoming law.

There are a number of significant changes that could impact on care providers and hospitals but at this stage it is not clear which will become law and which will be rejected in the Lords or Commons.

The desuto team are keeping a very close eye on developments and planning for the replacement of our DoLS tool with an LPS version.

As with our other tools this will be developed to ensure compliance with the law whilst saving staff time.

We would like to re-assure you that once the bill becomes law we will provide our users with all the necessary updates on changes and guidance on the new tools to save you time and worry.

To give you some idea, it is predicted that the LPS will not be in operation for over a year from now.