Developed by health and social care experts, Desuto decision support tools ensure Mental Capacity Act compliance while saving staff time.

The benefits of using desuto

Save staff time

Save staff time

The tools are extremely fast and easy to use. Even first time users can navigate through decisions quickly accessing help and information at each step if required.

Training & learning

Training & learning

Train your staff in the principles of the Mental Capacity Act through case based learning as they apply the tools in real life scenarios.

Meet Compliance

Meet Compliance

The tools provide detailed guidance and produce highly professional reports or completed applications in a matter of minutes.

Work on all devices

Work on all devices

Desuto tools have been designed to work on all devices allowing practitioners to use them when away from their desk.

What our customers say...

We have utilised the support systems and have found the tools to be ideal, largely due to their simplicity and speed of use. We have trained a number of care staff in the use of the tools and this has empowered them to make good decisions on behalf of our service users.
Jon Edgecombe, COO Swallow Court, Care Home Provider
When I came across the Desuto tool it was exactly what I wanted. It is simple to use, asks the right questions and provides a useful report at the end. As a Trust we are adopting the tool and anticipate that it will support our drive to imbed the MCA into all areas of patient care and treatment whilst educating and supporting staff.
Lerryn Hogg, MCA Lead, Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust

Less time on the computer!

The Desuto Mental Capacity Act decision support tools have been designed by experts in health and social care with busy staff in mind. Less time spent on the computer means more time can be spent providing direct care. Our tools guide the user through complex decisions, produce detailed reports in a matter of minutes and autocomplete DoLS forms.

  • Provide a better service

    Protect the human rights of clients and service users by making lawful and ethical decisions for those who are unable to make decisions for themselves.

  • No uphill struggle

    No training is necessary as the tools guide the user through scenarios in a step by step fashion and are designed to be easy to use. More help and guidance is available to new users but the process becomes more streamlined with use.

  • Definitely not elearning!

    Although the tools function primarily as decision and report writing aids, users increase knowledge through their use and are not sent to sleep in the process!

  • Secure

    Our system has been designed so that no client identifiable information is stored on our servers. Required information is added at the editing stage prior to the completion of reports.

  • Use on any device

    Little or no investment in technology as staff can user their own device.

  • Build your teams

    Any number of users can be added and organised into teams. Area codes allow reports to be tagged to different workplaces for easier retrieval and audit by staff group or place.

As a subscriber you can:

  • View, edit, download or print detailed professionally written and digitally signed reports of your assessments and decisions.
  • Autocomplete DoLS applications in a fraction of the time it would normally take.
  • Manage your team by adding or removing team members from the system.
  • Oversee the application of the Mental Capacity Act in your service and view this information by type of decision, team, area or professional group.
  • View charts and pull reports of activity for audit.
  • Access a range of additional resources to improve practice.

Whatever the size of your organisation we have a subscription model to match your requirements.
Annual subscriptions start at £240.


Suitable for:

  • Independent care homes
  • Consultants
  • GP


Suitable for:

  • Care Home Groups
  • Domicilliary Care Teams


Suitable for:

  • Hospitals
  • Local Authorities
  • Community Trusts
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